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Mobile App development Process

Native Apps

We design Custom mobile apps for both Android and IOS Platform, depending upon your Budget. Have an Idea, Make it reality!

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Step one

Book Your App

Once you submit your, App Booking Form, we will contact you through preferred communication Media.

Our team will contact you, he/she will discuss the details with you, whether we take the responsibility or not.

Everything shall be discussed, from Payment options to Design and the amount of time taken by the developer to complete the project.

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Step 2

Prototype and Mockups

Our Developer will send you some custom Designs for your mobile app, Necessary mockups so that you get some satisfaction.

if you are satisfied with the design, we proceed further. Our developer will discuss the server and server charges depending upon your need.

On that basis, you make the first Installment of the payment.

Once payment is done, our developers start working on your project.

We design Apps in React Native, so you get an edge over both the platforms.

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As per discussion in Step 1 and Step 2

Time Completion of the Project

During our initial discussions, our developers will give you a rough estimate of when your project will be completed, usually within about a week's leeway.

If your idea is brand new and we don't have any custom code to work with, you can expect the project to take around four to six weeks.

However, if we already have some of the necessary code, we can usually get the project done in less than two weeks.

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Fuel that keeps our developers working

Pricing Strategy

We follow the flexible pricing policy. Payment on the Go Click Here to know more.

Native app development charges start from 600$, expect the first installment around 150$.

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