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All Our Packages Include


All our Packages include the below Freemium Services, with Hostinger Hosting Service and WordPress Backend. (Zero Payment in Advance)

You get full control Over website, even if we maintain it with one week optional training.

25% of the Amount to be transferred in Advance.

We purchase your Business Domain Name on your behalf. Then, we set up your website online over Hostinger Hosting Servers. Then, we install SSL Certificate and make it Secure.

It may take around 2 Days for the whole process. You will be updated during the process thoroughly.

Then we give you the Full Control over your Website , that is, ADMIN account details and guide you accordingly.

We have purchased number of popular premium Themes from

You get pre-installed SSL certificate on your website, with free available domain name, either .com or .in , with daily backup support.

You Get Free 4 available business mails on your domain name, integrated with Gmail account.

We create a free professional logos for your website that suit your business, and include a free business card design.

We provide lifetime website maintenance for your online business, along with complimentary image editing and meticulous SEO optimization, ensuring your website remains optimized and up-to-date for as long as you operate.

Benefit from our complimentary service of uploading the initial 100 products by our expert team, organized into sorted categories for seamless navigation with description and Image optimization.

We provide complimentary additional functionalities such as Google login integration and various payment gateway methods for your convenience and much more.

Enjoy a complimentary sitemap and custom applied schema generation to enhance the visibility and structure of your website.

Experience the convenience of our free WhatsApp Business chat automation feature, designed to streamline communication and enhance customer engagement.

Participate in our optional complimentary one-week essential web class, designed to enhance your website management skills and optimize your online presence.

Re-Considered Prices


We have taken all the factors in setting our prices to accommodate Beginners, Startup Businesses, and Established Enterprises.

After Initial charge, there is a yearly Hosting and Maintenance Charge of 3600 Rs.

We Still have some Offers and Discounts


Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, our packages provide value and flexibility.

One can save Extra 25% OFF IN 4-YEAR PLAN. .

Some Optional Services

Optional Services

These Services will Boost Your Business to Next Level

Have an Idea, Turn it into Reality. Charges Start from @ 600$ (US Dollars). Click Here to know more.

We maintain all kinds of Ads with Zero Payment in Advance. One Time Charge or Monthly maintenance charges from @ 5$ (US Dollars) to 15$ (US Dollars). Click Here to know more.

A flat rate of 5$ per article, 100% human generated. Click Here to know more.

Get Canva pro for Life time free with a Donation of 1$ or More for Poor Education, Payment after Activation. Click Here to know more.

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